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Unlike many of our Calgary SEO companies competitors, we like transparency and therefore we can give you some ballpark numbers before you contact us. Keep in mind than if you have to invest somewhere for your marketing strategy, this is definitely Search Engines Optimization. This is the service with the best Return On Investment (ROI) as you can be confident you that your traffic will go up after we've done our SEO job.

Be AWARE of scam! Our rates reflects professional, manual and efficient optimization made by human beings! If some companies offer rates at less than CAD$100 per month, stay away as it’s impossible to do proper SEO at this price. Ask for a detail description of what they’re doing and monthly reports!

Our SEO include three kinds of services:


We choose the keywords you need to be ranked for, discuss the strategy we need to implement, set up social media pages that will help you get more traffic quickly, change the meta tags of your website to reflect your keywords strategy …


Your competitors tries to rank higher than you. This is the reason SEO has to be included in your monthly marketing budget to be really efficient. We will review each month your ranking position with respect to your competitors, reprocess your keywords strategy, build links to your website all over Internet, …


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is the process of promoting and marketing a website through paid ads on search engines. Paid ads could be in the form of text ads, banner ads or video ads. Your campaign can be customized to target a particular location (city, region, country) or for a particular language search. Ad position is determined through an auction based on the ad’s relevance and the amount advertisers are willing to pay. Advertisers only pay when an ad is clicked. Begin with B Inc will recommend a monthly budget based on your goals. Budgets are flexible and can be adjusted at any time.


Note: The table above is for information only and may not reflect the actual price of your website cleaning/website virus removal if some special issues arise.

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